Soul Cafe

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In 2004 St.Paul’s launched an evening event called Soul Café and it became a very popular monthly evening event and included live music, poetry and story-telling as well as delicious cakes and coffee.

We have now taken a break from regular Soul Cafés (although we occasionally have one-off services), but we have two morning events to which all are welcome:


This takes place in the Church Hall, which is set out in café style. You can turn up around 10am and a light breakfast is available. There is a children’s table that any children are free to join for the various art and craft activities. At around 10.20 there is a presentation on a particular theme, usually using film-clips, live music and the occasional quiz! It’s all very informal, and very popular with young families, but all ages come and are very welcome. We usually finish around 11am.

Soul Breakfast usually takes place on the first Sunday of the month (but check the This Month page as occasionally we have to change this)


This is where Soul Breakfast meets ‘normal church’! This takes place in the church, and again you can arrive around 10am and help yourself to light refreshments. There is a children’s activity table. Around 10.15 we have a very informal service and after a while those who wish move to the Communion table for a shortened Communion Service. We finish around 11am

Soul Sanctuary takes place on the third Sunday of the month, but again check This Month to be sure.