Wedding, Baptism and Funeral

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St.Paul’s is available for Baptism, Wedding and Funeral:


If you want your child baptised, please come to St.Paul’s to one of our services and we discuss your child’s baptism with you. Baptism (sometimes called Christening) takes place in the course of our 10am service.


If you want to get married at St.Paul’s please come to one of our Sunday services where we can discuss your wedding service and give you an application form to complete. Any who live in the parish are entitled to get married at St.Paul’s. If you don’t live in the parish, you can still get married, but you will need to worship with us for 6 months, so can become a member of the church. We can also arrange for Banns of Marriage to be read. For those preparing to get married, there is a very helpful website at


St.Paul’s is available for funerals and these are usually arranged through the Funeral Director.

There are no fees for Baptism, but there are charges for Weddings and Funerals.