About St Paul's

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St.Paul's Church was built in 1848 with local quarry stone by P.Wood of Derby for the princely sum of £1,740. It was consecrated on 22 May 1850 by Rt Revd John Lonsdale, Bishop of Lichfield (Derby was in the Lichfield Diocese in those days). The architects Barry and Brown of Liverpool used a medieval theme in designing an open timber roof, the central nave being flanked by pointed arches and decorated style windows. It is designed in the cruciform style, with the tower offset in the North East corner. The organ is reputed to be the oldest 'great' organ in Derby. It was installed in 1895 having been purchased from a Methodist Church in Buxton. In its earlier life it was customary for people to pay 'pew rents' - that is they paid an amount to the church and in return they could choose a pew that would be reserved for them and their family. This custom was abolished in the 1920's when the Incorporated Church Building Society gave a grant to the church on condition that all the seats should be free. You can see a plaque commemorating this above the inner doorway in the north porch. You can now sit in any pew free of charge!

Many have worked hard to maintain the church over the years and last year a new heating system was installed which was much appreciated during the winter! Other work needs to be done, and hopefully as the church grows, we can do further repair and restoration work. Sadly the risk of vandalism means we have to keep the church locked much of the time, but it is quite often open during the week, and if you are passing please drop in. There is a quiet chapel available for private prayer.

The church has a hearing loop and a ramp for the main church entrance.

There is also a small hall next to the church which is regularly used by the community for all kinds of activities. It is available to rent by contacting Marie Meehan at mariemeehan7@btinternet.com.

St Paul's in verse

When we talk of our Church Family
We don’t mean an exclusive ‘clique’ –
It’s a genuine loving group of folk
Growing stronger every week.

As soon as you enter St Paul’s Church
Christ’s love with you will be shared –
You won’t be bombarded or harassed,
But will leave feeling that someone cared.

A mix of traditional and contemporary
Our Services appeal to all –
Soul Breakfast is loved by families
When it’s held once a month in the Hall.

Our Church is built on teamwork
With our Clergy leading the way –
There’s an army of willing volunteers
And Wardens who work every day!

When someone is particularly suffering
As in all families there is concern –
Support and prayer they are given,
With nothing required in return.

So if you’ve never been to St Paul’s
Step in and leave the world’s strife -
Christ’s love is waiting there for you,
An encounter which might change your life!